vineri, 4 august 2017


I want to tell you a story about joy. I have been part of a eight people group hug that gave me such tremendous joy that inspired me to create joy for a bigger amount of crazy beings. So when we were at the psy stage, I suggested to Paz to group hug all the fireflies that were burning the dancefloor with their energies. Imagine a chain of more or less of twenty people laughing shoulder to shoulder. As the chain was curving the whole psy zone, each and every single person that was looking at us was laughing. Can you realize the happiness I felt when I realized that I have been guilty for making so many people laugh? Love and hugs to all the elfs that participated to this and infinite thanks to the nature that allowed us to live such joy right in the middle of her heart. All photo credits go to: Christian Bryn. Tusen Takk!

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