miercuri, 24 august 2016

La poesie est dans la rue

La poesie est dans la rue...sau cel putin asta cred eu. Adevarata poezie o gasesti in strada, in ochii fiecarui grabit, in zambetul fiecarui copil, in libertatea dintre aripile pescarusilor. Si cu toatea astea, din cand in cand, citesc poezie si tot din cand in cand gasesc unele care imi plac foarte mult. Poezia asta de mai jos o las aici ca sa nu o pierd si sa pot sa o citesc cand vreau: "This is what I know: There’s a forest growing inside of me and each leaf trembles with song. You are the prettiest face that has ever broken into a smile for me. When our eyes meet, I earthquake. I’m convinced that all rivers are silent eulogies carrying secrets to their graves. My veins are tiny rivers. You are the sea. I swear to always remember your face the way the ocean remembers the moon. Darling, I am possessed by your light. God, I am possessed by your lips and every story they hold in-between." — Pavana

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